Werefox is an alternative rock band from Slovenia,

comprised of experienced musicians from the Slovenian music scene.
The music is dark and seductive, noisy, yet full of melody. Slovenian alter-rock band Werefox are by no means newcomers to the music scene, since they are experienced musicians with a rich musical background (Psycho-Path, Sphericube, Manul, Kleemar, Bekko).
For their sophomore album “Das Lied der Maschinen” (which translates to “The Song of the Machines’), the rock machinery Werefox joined forces with Moonlee Records and attempts to answer the recurring sci-fi question – can machines develop emotions? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.
The album kicks off hard, yet manages to surprise with each following track, taking us to another world. Rich arrangements, dynamics and diversity can lead us to draw parallels to Queens of the Stone Age and The Dead Weather.